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Do You Need to See a Podiatrist in Epping, Carlingford, or Marrickville?

If you think you may need orthotics, contact Family Sports & Podiatry. Epping, Carlingford, and Marrickville residents, as well as others in the area, can visit one of their two convenient Sydney locations for computer-aided design and manufacturing of high quality and effective foot orthotics.

If you aren’t sure whether podiatry in Carlingford, Epping, or Marrickville is right for you, call Family & Sports Podiatry to make an appointment to discuss your symptoms and be examined. Foot orthotics may just be the right solution if you have a problem such as frequent ankle sprains, flat or high arches, foot or leg pain, shoes that wear out unevenly, or if you notice that you walk or stand on the inside or outside of your feet.

At Family & Sports Podiatry, Marrickville, Epping, and Carlingford residents can receive unparalleled care and treatment for their foot problems. Family & Sports Podiatry uses computer-aided design and manufacturing in their foot orthotics. This is an advanced process using cutting edge technology that reduces human error and produces perfectly customised, high quality orthotics.

Patients can feel confident that they are receiving the best podiatric care in Sydney at Family & Sports Podiatry. Whether the patient is a child or adolescent with developmental foot issues, a serious sports person, someone with diabetes who requires meticulous foot care, or simply a highly discerning individual looking for a caring and highly qualified podiatrist in the Sydney area, Family & Sports Podiatry promises to deliver premium customised quality service.

Family & Sports Podiatry in Epping, Carlingford, and Marrickville Provides Custom Foot Orthotics

When you visit Family & Sports Podiatry to have a foot problem evaluated, they may recommend foot orthotics, depending on your individual condition. Foot orthotics are basically prescription insoles custom designed to fit and support your feet perfectly. They are used to treat many foot problems, correcting abnormal walking patterns, making standing and walking more comfortable, and solving various biomechanical problems including foot problems as well as ankle, knee, hip, and back pain.

Foot orthotics are beneficial to anyone and are commonly used by those involved in sports such as golfing, skiing, football, dancing, and more, as well as people who must be on their feet all day. Special orthotics are available for patients with diabetes or arthritis that provide extra cushioning for added comfort and enhanced foot health.

Orthotics are a great solution for those with various types of foot problems because of the many benefits they offer. Foot orthotics provide stability to the foot, helping the patient maintain correct posture, and they remove strain from the knees, back, and hips. Perhaps most importantly to the patient, foot orthotics reduce pain and provide long-term protection for joints.

They can even allow athletes to perform better. Once the foot and ankle are stabilised, the muscles provide power and control more effectively. Those who engage in lower levels of exercise will also enjoy more efficient use of their muscles and less joint paint. People who need foot orthotics typically notice immediate relief the first time they wear them.

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Custom Foot Orthotics

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