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Top Ten Foot Care Tips from Epping, Carlingford, Marrickville Podiatrists

Keep your feet healthy by following these ten tips:

  1. Foot pain is not normal – don’t ignore it. If you have persisting foot pain, see a podiatrist in the Sydney area such as Family & Sports Podiatry.

  2. Be familiar with your feet. Examine them regularly, looking for changes in temperature or colour, and taking note of discoloured or thickened nails, cuts or cracks in the skin, peeling or scaly skin, and any new growth or lump.

  3. Keep your feet clean, washing and drying thoroughly, especially between the toes.

  4. Keep toenails trimmed. Cut them straight across, and avoid cutting them too short or cutting the corners or sides of the nails. If you have diabetes or other health problems that make you more prone to infection, you should not do this on your own but instead entrust your foot care to a podiatrist.

  5. Wear shoes that fit properly. Late in the day is the best time to buy new shoes, as feet tend to be larger in the afternoon and evening than they are in the morning. 6. Wear the appropriate style of shoe for the activity you are performing. For example, running should be done only in running shoes.

  6. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes every day; alternate your shoes.

  7. Avoid the temptation to walk around barefoot. This exposes your feet to a much higher risk of injury. When wearing sandals, remember to put sunscreen on your feet just as on other parts of your body.

  8. Avoid home remedies and self-treatment for foot problems. See a podiatrist for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

  9. If you have diabetes, be sure to see your podiatrist for a checkup at least once a year.

  10. Family & Sports Podiatry has two convenient Sydney-area locations and provides premium customised podiatry services to residents in Epping, Carlingford, Marrickville, and elsewhere in the area.

Podiatrists' Tips for General Foot Care in Epping, Carlingford, and Marrickville

The human foot is quite amazing, to say the least. It is designed to be strong, flexible, and functional, and this design allows it to do its job very well – as long as you don’t neglect its care. The foot is highly complex, containing a quarter of all the bones in the body, dozens of joints, and over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments, not to mention nerves and blood vessels.

All of these components work together to share the tremendous burden placed on the foot every day. It’s no surprise that feet are vulnerable to injury. Some foot ailments are caused by hereditary issues, some occur as a result of years of neglect and abuse, and others are injuries caused by accidents. Almost everyone experiences some degree of foot problems at some point. However, not enough seek treatment from a practitioner such as a podiatrist in Carlingford, Marrickville, or Epping.

Feet sometimes require special care from a podiatrist. Epping, Carlingford, and Marrickville residents have convenient access to Family & Sports Podiatry, a reputable and highly qualified podiatry practice in the Sydney area. The feet can sometimes be the first indicator of a systemic disease such as diabetes, kidney problems, or circulatory disorders. Arthritis is often found first in the feet. For this reason, if you are having any sort of foot pain, discomfort, or other issues, be sure to see a podiatrist in Marrickville, Carlingford, or Epping.

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