Family & Sports Podiatry at two convenient locations:

1A Grose Street North Parramatta NSW 2151

Parramatta Free Bus shuttle stops outside clinic. Limited free parking on-site.

Metered Street parking available.

5 Lackey Street Summer Hill NSW 2130

About 20 metre walking distance from train station.

2-hour free council parking on Hardie Avenue. 

Summer Hill: (02) 9715 3466 | Parramatta: (02) 9762 1041

People Our Podiatrist near Canterbury Services

At Family & Sports Podiatry, we can treat a wide range of foot-related issues, so we see a wide range of patients. Some of the patients we see on a regular basis include:

  • Children: Children experience a variety of foot problems as they grow. Some of the most common ones include flat feet (which can cause pain and trouble with balance and stability), Sever’s disease (also known as “painful heel syndrome”), tarsal coalitions (devolving joints that lead to pain and stiffness), and growth plate injuries (which can result from various ankle or foot injuries). Treatment for these and other issues can make a big difference in a child’s quality of life and ability to be physically active.
  • Elderly patients: Elderly individuals are vulnerable to a range of foot injuries and other issues, such as bone fractures, arthritis, and diabetic wounds. Our podiatrist near Canterbury can design a treatment plan to help with these and other foot and ankle issues.
  • Athletes: Participating in sports often places a tremendous amount of stress on the feet and ankles. We see many athletes with common foot issues such as Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, ankle sprains, pinched nerves, and heel spurs.

Proper treatment for foot problems is important to keep you active and as pain-free as possible. Contact Family & Sports Podiatry today to book a consultation, where we’ll discuss the problem you’re having and how we may be able to help. Your feet are too important to ignore – if you are experiencing pain or another foot-related problem, you need a friendly podiatrist near Canterbury. Let Family & Sports Podiatry help.

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